Maintain self hygiene during this monsoon while taking little sips of hot water from your new sipper!

It’s monsoon. It’s the season of playing with blowing black cloud. It’s the time to play with dirt, water and smear mud and road side dirt happily after every jovial football match in the ground. It’s of showing paddy and prepare the field and so on. You, me or else can easily under that without monsoon, Indian landscape is handicapped.

However, while there are plethoric advantages of monsoon the number of disadvantages are not insufficient as well. Intact, there are myriad of diseases of which we don’t even know. Most of these are water borne diseases. Hence, since the rise of illness grows from water, we have to very serious about self hygiene particularly this time. Which are drinking hot water, avoid touching nose and mouth unnecessarily, consuming vitamin-C etc.

As the pivotal point is of having disinfectant water let’s discuss about the perfect container to balance the warmth for longer periods. Nothing could be better than a metal sipper in this regard because it encapsulates the quality and hygiene issue together.

However, presently a lot of stores, online and offline dispense varieties of sippers. Few of the also showed their capacity of making custom sipper. Namely, etc.

Now, if you worry about what a custom sipper is, then relax. It’s than kind which can be designed based on customer’s mind. For instance, one can print own photo, any image or quote etc. So, let’s quickly check the types of custom sippers.

Simple metal sipper

These are the basic ones with simple get up yet have modesty throughout. You can use this as a gift item for own or loved ones. For printing varieties you either can take help from Printland or make own, like choosing a special photo or a colleague or a funky quote. Choice is yours.

Branded metal sipper

Cello, and Borosil have gleaned enough appreciation recently for making sippers. Although, these are if little high budget yet you can buy a piece of printed cello sipper, if wish.

Printed Plastic water bottles

This particular is comparatively a recent invention. It  is made up with hard fiber and slightly look like a waist pouch or beer cane. These all can be customised successfully as well and thus hold strong potential of being gift items.  However, instead of metal these are made up with hard plastic and attractive flamboyant items. You can gift a custom plastic cane sipper to your kid or very young neighbour in an occasion.

Branded fiber sipper…

Like the above it is actually same. Only difference is of branding. Like, Cello water bottles, Borosil water bottles etc. These are of vibrant shapes as well. You can check all these varieties from Printland’s site.

About price…

No, no don’t be scared. It’s not like a nightmare. The price is completely under a middle class budget. Nearly start from 199/- onwards. And there is no cost for customisation.

So,…what? It’s like two in one! Quality within budget! Wow! So, hurry grab one from Printland.

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