make own identity by owning a name engraved pen drive

Working world and education world are just blind without computer and pen drives. Especially, the role of a pen drive is immense irrespective of other electronic devices. However, it’s our innate trend to ignore the appearance of any device which is our day to day need. We do the same thing with a pen drive. As it’s somehow our daily need so we focus more on it’s work than the get up. But you know what, there is an epithet which says, ‘first impression is the last impression’, which sometimes becomes true for all arena. Thus it is equally applicable for a pen drive.

However, in this write up I will focus on the style parts of a pen drive. These days, as there is a trend of grabbing custom products, customisation on pen drives also takes places. A lot of online and offline super markets have taken the major moves for this customisation process. is one such shop which has an outstanding hand on custom products. It has a bigger void filled with numerous types of pen drives. So, let’s have a quick look.

The rectangle metal pen drives which were there from the beginning

It is that traditional style with the name of the brand. For example, HP brand, Transcend etc. It’s old yet most cherishing. Additionally you can engrave any name or logo on the top.

Geometric shapes pen drive

These have a fabulous look. These all are available in various shapes like, Triangle, square, circle, oval, rectangle etc. If you are not aware of this style just have a quick dive Printland’s pen drive wall.

personalized pen drive
metal pen drive

Credit or debit card shaped pen drive

These are another flamboyant style. It duplicates exact get of a debit card or credit card. It indeed has outstanding get up. Also you can custom these by choosing colour to selecting any name etc.

Flash pen drives

Although the name reveals something very quirky but in reality, it’s actually the opposite. In fact, a flash drive is very innovative considering the USB port. For it consists of a special kind which can be fitted for both a computer USB and Andriod’s USB port. So, not just portable, it can be plugged to any device, any USB port as well. And yeah, it can also be personalised.

The set of wooden pen drives..

According to me, these pen drives are just wow! Why I am exclaiming! you will understand only after a visit to these. However, for better attraction you can pick a burnishing style and engraving font as well.

Last but not least …the pen in pen drives…

It has an evasive get up. Because, there is a storage chip within a normal pen. There is also customisation option available for this. You can use this as a witty gift item.

So, I feel that I have dispensed enough information regarding pen drives and their types. Now all you have to do is, choose a website and order your favourite one.

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