The World’s Elite Promotional Calendars

Promotional calendars are a lot more versatile than people realize. They can cover a huge range of products effortlessly, and really provide a lot of useful information for clients. They’re also an easily marketed sales concept, useful in their own right, and the more interesting they are, the more effective they are as promotional marketing.

Calendars, information and layouts

Promotional calendars have been part of the advertising and marketing industries for a long time. Calendars are excellent mediums for providing a lot of information and interesting content. A basic A4 size calendar, two sided, can include 24 pages of information, good graphics, and multiple areas of interest for recipients.

Calendars were once considered “passive” promotional products, but not any more. The amount of space which they provide for information is so useful it’s considered prime space on major brands. The big glossy calendars can carry as much ad space as a local newspaper. Many retail chains include a full range of information about store locations, ordering, online stores, etc., as normal promotional information.

The high impact calendar- Why it works

The hard sell approach benefits a lot from the graphic content capacity of calendars. A month can have one major picture and dates, with the other side covered in useful information on the promotional merchandise-related information. The impact can be very direct, like the tourist calendar full of beautiful places and beautiful people.

There’s more actual visual content in a high impact calendar than in a 20 second TV commercial, and there’s 12 months worth of it for the promotion. Good presentation provides the extra visual stimulus, and good quality photography does the attention-getting. Calendars are very efficient, compact ways of promoting a whole year’s series of specials, discounts, and other selling points.

Top calendars, top brands and top corporations

Custom corporate calendars are big business in promotions. The biggest brands in the world, like Cola, are icons in their own right. Their calendars are actual art forms, or collectors items made under license, and the artwork and other materials are sold as commercial prints. The brand presence is also a cultural presence, like a part of the home. The promotional values of these very strong images are continuous.

Big media brands and industries, like celebrities, TV shows, sports teams, the military and other high profile with strong visual presence use calendars regularly. The calendars operate as décor as well as promotional materials. The calendar fits in to the lifestyle, another cultural angle.

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