Get personalized and promotional items from Printland at affordable prices

Being a printing store, we offer personalized and promotional items like t-shirt, cap, pen, bag, sipper, mug, desk stand, combo, mobile cover, photo frame, cushion cover, collage, coaster, keychain, calendar, pen drive, etc. across India. By getting these items from us, you can imprint your desired content on these items. Your content could be anything like your favorite design, photo, name, quote, the name and logo of your company etc.

Either for your personal, gifting, or promotional purpose, you get the chance to select your desired item from a wide range of gift items like t-shirt, cap, pen, bag, sipper, mug, desk stand, combo, mobile cover, photo frame, cushion cover, collage, coaster, keychain, calendar, pen drive, etc.and all items are available for personalization. While saying personalization, means; you can imprint your name and desired design on it. This way, you get the liberty of giving it a desired look. For this, Printland offers you the best customization tool on its website.

By acquiring your personalized items from Printland, you can make it unique and attractive. Nowadays, you would have seen such personalized items in hands of people. For example, photo printed mobile cover, name engraved sipper, name printed bag, photo printed notebook, name engraved pen, etc. These personalized items are capable of enhancing the lifestyle of the user. You can do the same with yourself too. With online printing, you can make your item unique and attractive. If you own any artistic characteristic, you can show it on your items too by printing on.

Along with using these items personally, you can gift it to your dears and friends too. While gifting these items to your friends, you can imprint their names and photos along with a customized message that will make your gift item more significant for them. If you gift these items on certain occasions, you can get suitable premade designs in the collection of Printland too. The collection is categorized to give your designs for occasions like birthday, anniversary, Diwali, friendship day, Valentine day, etc. According to your requirement, you can choose the right design from the collection available on printing website.

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Just like personal and gifting purpose, you can get these customized items for business marketing too.From the collection of Printland, you can get corporate gift items as well as promotional items. While talking about promotional items, you can get items like t-shirt, cap, pen, bag, pen drive, desk stand, combo, etc. According to your requirement and budget, you can choose the right item from the collection of Printland. It has been seen that companies use promotional pens at an enormous level because of its wide usability and cost effectivity. For your business marketing purpose, you can get such pens too at affordable prices. From our collection, you are free to choose either branded or non-branded pen according to your budget. Parker, Sheaffer, Luxor, Legend, etc. are some of brands you can get your pens in. Other cost-effective items in the collection are; keychain, sticker, poster, mug, badge, etc.

Printland delivers its personalized and promotional items across India covering more than 30,000 pin codes. Irrespective of your location, you can get your item delivered to your place just in time either in single quantity or bulk.

Maintain self hygiene during this monsoon while taking little sips of hot water from your new sipper!

It’s monsoon. It’s the season of playing with blowing black cloud. It’s the time to play with dirt, water and smear mud and road side dirt happily after every jovial football match in the ground. It’s of showing paddy and prepare the field and so on. You, me or else can easily under that without monsoon, Indian landscape is handicapped.

However, while there are plethoric advantages of monsoon the number of disadvantages are not insufficient as well. Intact, there are myriad of diseases of which we don’t even know. Most of these are water borne diseases. Hence, since the rise of illness grows from water, we have to very serious about self hygiene particularly this time. Which are drinking hot water, avoid touching nose and mouth unnecessarily, consuming vitamin-C etc.

As the pivotal point is of having disinfectant water let’s discuss about the perfect container to balance the warmth for longer periods. Nothing could be better than a metal sipper in this regard because it encapsulates the quality and hygiene issue together.

However, presently a lot of stores, online and offline dispense varieties of sippers. Few of the also showed their capacity of making custom sipper. Namely, Printland.in etc.

Now, if you worry about what a custom sipper is, then relax. It’s than kind which can be designed based on customer’s mind. For instance, one can print own photo, any image or quote etc. So, let’s quickly check the types of custom sippers.

Simple metal sipper

These are the basic ones with simple get up yet have modesty throughout. You can use this as a gift item for own or loved ones. For printing varieties you either can take help from Printland or make own, like choosing a special photo or a colleague or a funky quote. Choice is yours.

Branded metal sipper

Cello, and Borosil have gleaned enough appreciation recently for making sippers. Although, these are if little high budget yet you can buy a piece of printed cello sipper, if wish.

Printed Plastic water bottles

This particular is comparatively a recent invention. It  is made up with hard fiber and slightly look like a waist pouch or beer cane. These all can be customised successfully as well and thus hold strong potential of being gift items.  However, instead of metal these are made up with hard plastic and attractive flamboyant items. You can gift a custom plastic cane sipper to your kid or very young neighbour in an occasion.

Branded fiber sipper…

Like the above it is actually same. Only difference is of branding. Like, Cello water bottles, Borosil water bottles etc. These are of vibrant shapes as well. You can check all these varieties from Printland’s site.

About price…

No, no don’t be scared. It’s not like a nightmare. The price is completely under a middle class budget. Nearly start from 199/- onwards. And there is no cost for customisation.

So,…what? It’s like two in one! Quality within budget! Wow! So, hurry grab one from Printland.

make own identity by owning a name engraved pen drive

Working world and education world are just blind without computer and pen drives. Especially, the role of a pen drive is immense irrespective of other electronic devices. However, it’s our innate trend to ignore the appearance of any device which is our day to day need. We do the same thing with a pen drive. As it’s somehow our daily need so we focus more on it’s work than the get up. But you know what, there is an epithet which says, ‘first impression is the last impression’, which sometimes becomes true for all arena. Thus it is equally applicable for a pen drive.

However, in this write up I will focus on the style parts of a pen drive. These days, as there is a trend of grabbing custom products, customisation on pen drives also takes places. A lot of online and offline super markets have taken the major moves for this customisation process. Printland.in is one such shop which has an outstanding hand on custom products. It has a bigger void filled with numerous types of pen drives. So, let’s have a quick look.

The rectangle metal pen drives which were there from the beginning

It is that traditional style with the name of the brand. For example, HP brand, Transcend etc. It’s old yet most cherishing. Additionally you can engrave any name or logo on the top.

Geometric shapes pen drive

These have a fabulous look. These all are available in various shapes like, Triangle, square, circle, oval, rectangle etc. If you are not aware of this style just have a quick dive Printland’s pen drive wall.

personalized pen drive
metal pen drive

Credit or debit card shaped pen drive

These are another flamboyant style. It duplicates exact get of a debit card or credit card. It indeed has outstanding get up. Also you can custom these by choosing colour to selecting any name etc.

Flash pen drives

Although the name reveals something very quirky but in reality, it’s actually the opposite. In fact, a flash drive is very innovative considering the USB port. For it consists of a special kind which can be fitted for both a computer USB and Andriod’s USB port. So, not just portable, it can be plugged to any device, any USB port as well. And yeah, it can also be personalised.

The set of wooden pen drives..

According to me, these pen drives are just wow! Why I am exclaiming! you will understand only after a visit to these. However, for better attraction you can pick a burnishing style and engraving font as well.

Last but not least …the pen in pen drives…

It has an evasive get up. Because, there is a storage chip within a normal pen. There is also customisation option available for this. You can use this as a witty gift item.

So, I feel that I have dispensed enough information regarding pen drives and their types. Now all you have to do is, choose a website and order your favourite one.

Golden gift offer! 3 in one just in few bucks! Hurry up!

Golden offer and an auspicious chance! Have ever seen this combination? If you haven’t there here comes the chance. Basically, in this article I have glimpsed on such a shop, which is giving this opportunity right now. But don’t consider the chance for longer tenure, it’s may be of shorter duration. However, the name of the shop is Printland.in, an online custom super store. So, instead of wasting more time, let’s focus on this trip gift combination.

A custom t shirt… what is it?
Does this question prick your mind? Then relax, here is the answer. A custom t shirt is that which can be designed according to customer’s indulge. It has several other purposes as well, which I will explain later. However, even the price seems to be problematic but in reality it’s not a problem at all. In fact, a custom tee is more economic than you imagine.
Relevance of t shirt printing…
As I have said earlier, benefit comes from all corners, from a business promotional purpose to enjoying individuality through creating signature styles. For instance, if there is an upcoming family get together then a set printed t shirts for fun could be recommended or to show off official brand value perfectly, no other stuff like a t shirt can be comparable.
Don a summer cap and protect the head from high sun
Summer is all about painful suffocation, rashes especially, for the Players who have to play all day along under the rising sun. In this situation, the effect can be undermined a little by donning summer caps and keeping the body hydrated. Hence, if you fall in this category get a printed cap to discomfit the danger of heat.

A Personalised sipper becomes recent fashion trend…
While the generation has drowning in to flow of brands and personalised products, sippers comes recently in the high list. And with just a small time gap it has taken considerable successful position. Thus, the trend of sippers are not lesser than any other. So, to cherish this summer with an effulgent flaunt get a custom sipper with dashing cranky quotes.

Hence, in this the combination of these trio gifts have suddenly become popular. These are lucrative as well. So, in the free time do a little inspection to Printland’s and get these, if you wish.

An alluring offer for 4 summer special merchandise items

Every season has it’s own charm. Summer also falls under the category. We try to find even a tinest rift for gambling ignoring the threat of burning heat and all. However, to lit up fire to that uncontrollable spirit of ecstasy here I am naming four merchandise and custom items which indeed can carry the vibe a long way. These all are personalised products and made both for individual and business objectives. So, go through these.

Get a set of printed t shirts if you are planning for a summer hike with friends
Teenagers and young college goes are the most excited persona among all other age group. In fact everyone knows that they get maximum adventure in unauthorized and mysterious matters. Hence, planning a summer trek in midd May won’t be a quirky idea for them while others just go frantic to get couple of home holidays. In this regard, a set of quirky personalised tee with frantic quotes will just be appropriate for these young musketeers.
T shirts for business promotion….
If your office needs an immediate promotional event for launching the new home theatre and everyone else is running out ideas, then do use this hack. Just get a couple of official logo printed t shirts and put on individually along with a custom cap on the of the event.
Personalized sippers…
Whether for an individual or a group, the requirement of printed sippers are equally important, especially, for this summer. For instance, a group of athletes need regular supply if water or energy drink not to enervate the energy. Or a group of jungle hikers also need for same. A young school kid does need a sipper or water bottle as well. And why?!… You know that!
So, gifting a custom sipper will be an enthusiastic approach for this season.

Crown your head with a printed cap
Are you a player? or a surveyor? or a field Investigator? Or a coach? Then you know the pertinence of a cap better than me! And of course in summer months! However, even if you are not these classified personas then too you know, why a cap is needed in summer. Isn’t it? So, either for a distinct purpose or in groups you must need to enshroud your head from heat and other threats. Thus, isn’t it a better idea to grab a custom cap to devoid all these problems? It is cheap as well!
Hence, now I feel pretty confident after finishing the discourse and underscoring the significance of these four summer special products. You can get all of these from any plausible inline custom store. So, get one and enjoy the sun bath!!

Wanna buy a custom mobile cover? Then come here!

Owing a smartphone is just like a nondescript occasion to every individual. Mostly all laypersons do own it for innumerable serving benefits, ranging from important conversation to entertainment of mind in leisure time. As the phone is technology upfront and user friendly, the prone of vulnerability even to smallest fluctuation is also very high. And that’s why we need several front and back protection lids for proper protection of a mobile. Hence, let’s discuss the types of mobile back covers for a while.
This decade has touched the acme digital smartness. It has been noticed not just in the place of accolade but in the places of recreation and innovative pleasure as well. That’s why all the places of gifting and propitiating the abundance of custom products are clearly visible, from a custom toy to a customized mobile back covers, just everywhere.

The multifarious numbers of mobile covers with variegated styles
There is an online shop, Printland.in, which has been accolated for it’s brilliant custom products. It displays an endless number of printing styles along with ample varieties of mobile back covers considering highest number of brands including latest launch. Which are as follows…
Custom Mi mobile covers
Here, most popular models are Redmi pro, Pro 8, Redmi note 5, etc.
Samsung mobile covers includes the latest launch as well.
iPhone mobile covers, namely iPhone 7, 8, iPhone X etc.
There other varieties as well. Namely, Oppo, Asus, Vivo. The stop is a neclus of Mi, Vivo and Oppo brands followed by iPhone. You will have better picture if you inspect the site.
How to customise a mobile cover…?
If you worry about the process a bit, then don’t worry. The customisation process is very simple indeed. A concise method of customisation process is given below
⦁ Knock the site first and check all the varieties of mobile covers, their styles and templates
⦁ Measure the dimension of your mobile accurately. Say, you want to personalise mobile cover your brand new iPhone.
⦁ Then pick any available mobile covers of the same dimension and verify the size again
⦁ Then dive to editing page of mobile covers. Upload any picture you want or choose a displayed template. Adjust the fitting of picture with edge line, a little. And finish it.
This how the process gets completed. So, I hope, you got a fairer idea about a custom mobile covers and the process, it’s it? Do order a stylish mobile back cover and drown into show off.

A set of magnificent custom pens

To meet regular basic educational need, each common man requires basic educational medium, to read and write. Thus the role of a pen and a paper can’t be replaced by other medium. However, since a long time a versatile varieties of pens in terms of designs and styles have been successfully lien on through generations. As this generation is more technology upfront, the multifarious styles and designs are displayed through online BV wall. So let’s go through the types of pens on online stores.

A quite modern invention… personalised pens…
The concept of printing pen or introduction of name printed pen is not that old. Rather ten years old maximum. However, this explicitly means of grabbing a pen by using personal designs. Thus these are known as personalised pens as well. You are indulged to print anything, say a quotation or note etc.
The antique yet classic metal pens
Although, Time has superseded by upfrontness yet isn’t indelible in case of vain. Particularly, the illuminious beam in vintage styles and staffs still carves out in our heart. Just recall all those heavy metal pens with silver brassing, and marvelous feather fountain pens,…have these been seriously forerunner? I don’t think so. These are still available and surprisingly, their demands again ascending, although in a bit Mildred style. However, if you are fond of vintage items then do grab a heavy metal pen, say a name engraved vintage Parker pen.
A piece of wooden pen to add extra glare to the study table
If you wish to add extra elegance to your study table and your tiny study room, then you must try it along with a vintage table clock. You can also use this as a writing need. And yes, get these personalized to maintain additional dignity.

Logo printed pens for official purposes
The tradition of disseminating pens for glaring promotional at budget, among officials have got equally successful like the individual pens. Hence, a set of logo printed pens for the clients, won’t be a bad idea for next event.
Abundant use of custom pens for other purposes
Other purposes can be anything. From any educational function to business purposes etc. For example, on teacher’s day while all students try to impress their teachers with gifts and mesmerising performances, teacher’s also can surprise students by distributing simple printed pens either with the name of school or by individual student name along with chocolate wraps. They will be very blissful to achieve this honour.
Similarly, these can be used for disciplinary actions in the offices.. So, if your office need more discipline in the office while touting unofficial promotion, then you must print a set of custom pens and planners for all employees.
In this way, There are lot more heterogeneity of pens. If you are little curious of shops, particularly the online custom shops which supplies these kind of products you can try Printland.in.

An illuminating nucleus of custom gifts

Gifts, particularly the trend of personalised gifts has touched the peak nowadays. That’s why all around the craze of printing gifts is overtly observed. Different kinds of online brand market stores have seriously taken this path. So, let’s see the variable types of printed gifts.

An alluring pairs of online gifts

Each online or offline store displays different types with individual styles. Some can focus on garments and apparel, some on culinaries while some other may focus on both kind of products by infusing these. For instance…
A pair of t shirts and a summer special cool cap
This pair becomes famous since the dawn of custom gifts. These are customised based in distinct events like, season, personal gift or any picture etc. However, as this is peak summer you can get a summer printed tee and funky white cap.
A pair of beer glasses…
Relax, are you a teetotaller? Then try mojito or rug agha or just mango shake! In fact beer glass doesn’t mean it’s has to be beer only. On other ways, a pair of these glasses can be glaring as gift items.
A coffee mug and pair of printed coasters
Have your tried cold tea in a chilled summer evening, with your beloved one? No, or yeah, once upon a time. Then do revamp that habit again while getting bored in this quarantine. Order a pair of printed coffee mugs and quote printed coasters, with all sweet memories of young age love and enjoy a glass of chilled iced tea just before the sunset.

A pair of diary and pen
Now, let’s digress a little from fashion stuff and focus on daily needs. And diary and pen are as important as twice meal for a normal educated person. Hence, either for a normal person or any corporate industry get a pair. You can personal name or official logo for better outlook.
Get a custom and stylish backpack
So, order a backpack with a cracking template for your college aspirant son. Give it to him just before his first day in college. He will be just out of control, in rupture of course.
Hence, in this way there are other list as well. This particular list is displayed by Printland.in ,one of most popular online e commerce website of India. You can explore the site in your free time. And grab anything you want.

A luxuriant varieties of custom pen drives

Nowadays, working lives, whether for students or professionals are just incomplete without pen drives, computers and smartphones. Their necessities are needless to explain. However, considering the finest need we understand the requisite of these devices. And that’s why I will explain a little about these, particularly about deluge variations of pen drives.

Side by side it is equally essential to absorb that today, everywhere there is an acute ardency for custom products. Ranging from an individual item to an official material, everywhere there is just glaring imprint of flamboyance and personification. And obviously, pen drives or any kind of digital gadgets can’t skip this trend. Hence, you can easily purchase a printed pen drive for any customisation store, online or offline.
A metal name engraved pen drive can add extra dazzle to the office desk
These are those initial ones with typical rectangular shapes. Although, these are little precursor now yet accessible from specific store, like Printland.in. Hence, grab one and engrave either own name or office’s.
A branded pen drive
Hp, Transcend, Sony have override the first position for making pen drives from the beginning. So, if are kinda brandholic then do try a hp pen drive from Printland with super cool custom styles.

The real gaze deceptor… credit card pen drive
Yes, fair enough. These are indeed look like a debit or credit card. Only the difference is of chip and storage space. However, if you wish impress your wife’s mind after getting her promotion letter then do order a piece for her.
Relevance of a flash pen drive
The benefit is it can be used simultaneously for a smartphone and a laptop because of its variable USB port. Presently, HP and Sony are making these kinds. If you search for such items you can try a flash drive.
A wooden pen drive
This is most elegant one to my opinion. For the whole thing is made up from wood and a tiny chip is placed into it. This could be a perfect gift item.
So, you get enough information about pen drives, right? Now, do explore the site of Printland, check their bulge stylish pen drives and then order any whenever you want.

A Vibrant styles of customised pens

To meet regular basic educational need, each common man requires basic educational medium, to read and write. Thus the role of a pen and a paper can’t be replaced by other medium. However, since a long time a versatile varieties of pens in terms of designs and styles have been successfully bequeath on through generations. As this generation is more technology upfront, the multifarious styles and designs are displayed through online BV wall. So let’s go through the types of pens on online stores.

A recent invention… printed pens…
The concept of printing pen is not that old. Rather ten years old maximum. However, this explicitly means of grabbing a pen by using personal designs. Thus these are known as personalised pens as well. You are indulged to print anything, say a quotation or note etc.
The antique yet antique metal pens
Sometimes that epithet which succinctly says, precursor yet cherished, becomes commensurate for this type. Because these are those heavy metal pens with silver brassing, the most marvellous to own and flaunt as well. Although the extreme weight has been managed presently yet a touch of that antediluvian elegance has been transmitted through branded metal pen like, a Parker pen. Hence, if you are little obsessed with royal style, you can grab one.

A piece of wooden pen to add extra splendour to the desk table
If you are searching for a gorgeous table decorum, then you must try it. You can also use this as a writing need. Plus, you can easily customise these.
A set of simple custom pens for other purposes
Other purposes can be anything. From promotional purposes to business purposes etc. Similarly, for official disciplines as well. So, if you need more discipline in the office while touting unofficial promotion, then you must print a set of custom pens and planners for all employees.
In this , There are lot more heterogeneity of pens. If you are little curious of shops, particularly the online custom shops which supplies these kind of products you can try Printland.in.

A bag of stylish pen drives with a little budget…

These days two things particularly in terms of gadgetry necessities are equally analogous to the arms. These are computer and pen drives. Both plays an unexplained significant roles in the place if modern educational and professional development. However, some of have an idea of dawn of pen drives. It was nearly at the last of 90’s through the hand of IBM. Those were metal and rectangular metal chip with a little storage space, 100 MB and so on. However, the wheels of technology and development keep moving on and which results in to bigger storage spaces of computer and pen drives, like 32, 64, 132GB and vice-versa.

So, the above was about the usefulness of pen drives. Now it’s time to pay a little attention on get up and styles of this tiny devices. In this regard, a significant volunteering of several customised shops have been notified distinctly. For example, there is a popular online customisation shop named as Printland.in which has taken this initiative seriously. Which is shown through its diverse printed pen drives and custom pen drives. Not just this, the shop has also keep it’s vigilance on strict budget and being customer friendly. So, let’s have a quick gaze on the colourful roster of pen drives that the shop has displayed.
Printland with its pen drives variety

Metal and until pen drives
Too begin with let’s recall those initial one. Yeah, you can get those previous precursor style still. Because those metal, older yet stylish ones still appreciated among certain number of customers. So, if you fall in this category you can grab it.
Pen drives with brand
If your sense of style frequently precipitate through brands, then this category may make you smile. So you can easily pocket a branded one like a hp pen drive with proper customisation yet within a budget price.
Flamboyant pen drive
Truly, these are. Because it copies the get up of a debit or credit card, inch by inch. That why it has another name, a credit card pen drive! Crazy, isn’t it? You can try this, if you still have not? By the way for convenience let me tell you, it has full potential to be an outstanding gift. So try one.
Geometric shape pen drives
Yes, like the above it is very flaunting as well. It is available in various shapes, namely, triangle, oval, rectangular etc. These too can be personalised.

Wooden pen drives
Trust me these are most elegant ones. For the storage chip is skilfully hidden within a tiny wooden square. So, if you want to impress your sister’s mind then try a custom one. She will love it, I promise.
How to do this customisation?
If this question makes you worry then relax. Customisation is not an esoteric work. In fact it’s the simplest one. All you have to do is, choosing any credible online shop, then dive into the pen drive section and in the editing bar you just upload the picture you want and adjust a little with the mentioned description. Rest, the computer will do.
So, got enough information? Then stop wandering without any hesitation, just by a custom flash pen drive or a simple one. And impress your self.

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