Get personalized and promotional items from Printland at affordable prices

Being a printing store, we offer personalized and promotional items like t-shirt, cap, pen, bag, sipper, mug, desk stand, combo, mobile cover, photo frame, cushion cover, collage, coaster, keychain, calendar, pen drive, etc. across India. By getting these items from us, you can imprint your desired content on these items. Your content could be anything like your favorite design, photo, name, quote, the name and logo of your company etc.

Either for your personal, gifting, or promotional purpose, you get the chance to select your desired item from a wide range of gift items like t-shirt, cap, pen, bag, sipper, mug, desk stand, combo, mobile cover, photo frame, cushion cover, collage, coaster, keychain, calendar, pen drive, etc.and all items are available for personalization. While saying personalization, means; you can imprint your name and desired design on it. This way, you get the liberty of giving it a desired look. For this, Printland offers you the best customization tool on its website.

By acquiring your personalized items from Printland, you can make it unique and attractive. Nowadays, you would have seen such personalized items in hands of people. For example, photo printed mobile cover, name engraved sipper, name printed bag, photo printed notebook, name engraved pen, etc. These personalized items are capable of enhancing the lifestyle of the user. You can do the same with yourself too. With online printing, you can make your item unique and attractive. If you own any artistic characteristic, you can show it on your items too by printing on.

Along with using these items personally, you can gift it to your dears and friends too. While gifting these items to your friends, you can imprint their names and photos along with a customized message that will make your gift item more significant for them. If you gift these items on certain occasions, you can get suitable premade designs in the collection of Printland too. The collection is categorized to give your designs for occasions like birthday, anniversary, Diwali, friendship day, Valentine day, etc. According to your requirement, you can choose the right design from the collection available on printing website.

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Just like personal and gifting purpose, you can get these customized items for business marketing too.From the collection of Printland, you can get corporate gift items as well as promotional items. While talking about promotional items, you can get items like t-shirt, cap, pen, bag, pen drive, desk stand, combo, etc. According to your requirement and budget, you can choose the right item from the collection of Printland. It has been seen that companies use promotional pens at an enormous level because of its wide usability and cost effectivity. For your business marketing purpose, you can get such pens too at affordable prices. From our collection, you are free to choose either branded or non-branded pen according to your budget. Parker, Sheaffer, Luxor, Legend, etc. are some of brands you can get your pens in. Other cost-effective items in the collection are; keychain, sticker, poster, mug, badge, etc.

Printland delivers its personalized and promotional items across India covering more than 30,000 pin codes. Irrespective of your location, you can get your item delivered to your place just in time either in single quantity or bulk.

Top five customized corporate gifts

Did you get a job recently? Then you must behave like an officious person and always finicky about your looks and presentation. Or is there any official get together nearby? Then again you must ponder about arranging the party, official get ups and all other relevant customs.

Personalized gifts,Customized  gifts, Corporate Gifts, Promotional Gifts.

By the way, can carve out any idea about what I’m talking about?…No! Well I am talking about corporate gift hacks, which is a sensitive issue for the working persons. Because, a corporate gift should be such, which reveals professionalism and dignified vain together! And thus selecting a corporate gift is not that easy. It’s not that difficult although.

Anyway in this article, I will disclose such few corporate gift hacks that are blended with every kind of professionalism yet these are enticing. So, let’s read it.

Types and varieties of corporate gifts from online:

There is indeed a long roster of corporate gifts. It can be a corporate bag, a desk calendar, a promotional mug or a combined corporate gifts vice-versa.

However, as we live in the network of digital superstructure and internet, a robust dependency on online services is ascending from every aspects. Starting form daily grocery needs to buying a pair of clothes, we are inclined to order everything from online. And result is shown is nexus growth of online superstores.

Besides, presently there is a craze for personalised products. So, number of online superstores, like Printland.in grow side by side specializing on personalised products. Most of their products cost comparatively lesser than any visible market store and they supply these to the doorsteps. Recently, these stores  show a significant knack towards corporate gifts printing.

However, below a list of top five corporate gift lists are enlisted.

1. A vibrant range of promotional desktop gift items:

A desktop item is purposefully made to add extra elegance to your working desk. Along with the stylish artifacts, desktop items also consider some useful items too. These are as follows

  • A slip rack with a calendar: it is a combination of a note slip holder and a tiny calendar.
  • A multipurpose pen stand with a digital clock: Here you can keep your phone along pen/ pencils. And clock frames the professionalisms with aristocracy.
  • A calculator with a timer: Which can work like a stopwatch.
  • A multipurpose pen stand with pen clips tray: Here with the pen stand there are separates tray for gems clips.
  • A pen stand with an artifact.
  • A table clock with a battery torch and radio frequency: It is multipurposeful.
  • A desk calendar with an analogue clock.
  • A desktop decorum, like a metal ship or a pen stand with idol of Asoka etc.
  • A simple and beautiful table clock.
  • A pen stand with multi coloured note slips, which can be used for short reminding notes etc.

2.  A promotional mug and badge:

This pair is just overwhelming as gift items for the attendants of your company’s promotional event. Additionally, the pair can normalize the price level too, as coffee mug is bit expensive while the badge is just opposite. So, if you still ignore the option, I suggest consider these once.

3.An official note pad and a name print pen:

Suppose, you want a bit more discipline in the office environment. In this regard, think about distributing a pair of custom note pad or a planner with the office name on front and set of pencil and pen with official logo among all employees. It will show both the branding and maintain the discipline in the office. Besides, these two together won’t cost more than 300/-. So you can still run within budget.

4. A laptop bag and a custom sipper:

Honestly, these pair are expensive. So, you have a high budget then only think about this option. However, you can wrap up this item for specific event. For instance, a group of foreign clients are going to have an official meet up with your industry. Since, the case is very sensitive and crucial for you and then don’t be a frugal. Rather, custom a set of these gifts with the name and logo of the office.

5. A vibrant experimentation with combo business gifts:

A pair of gift can be made with any other. But if you genuinely want the gift to be gorgeous and unique, then you must be very particular while selecting a pair. However, the anticipated popular pair are as follows.

  • A desk calendar and a table clock:

These days, all companies try their best to push up their companies to the next level in terms of authenticity and superiority as the competition with other companies regarding these ‘terms’ are getting tougher day by day. Hence, if you really want a resistant platform for the company and want to have a bright future then you may consider this business gift pair and gifting these to the next promotional event.

  • A multi utility box and a beer mug:

The combination is bizarre. That’s true. But you know what sometimes this quirkiness is also necessary even in office to make the employees laugh and relax. So that they can pour their heart for next day’s work.

Hence, a pair of business multi utility box and a custom beer mug may be an funny and sarcastic gifts for the employees but you can still distribute among them. So, you can think about this gift item in spare time.

There are several other gift combinations as well. You also can design your own pair.

Hence, now I feel that you have pretty fair idea about the versatile uses of corporate gifts based on distinct customs. So, check the website of Printland and go through all the business gift items and then if you wish order a few of these.

A quick read gift hacks for valentine's day

Love is another name of positivity and happy spirit. So, why don’t you celebrate this spirit a bit more higher level by celebrating the valentine’s day? Most of the online superstores are present with a bucket list of valentine’s day special gifts. Among these Printland displays a set of more special gifts especially for the day. Let’s quickly go through these special gift items.

Artificial flower:

Valentine Artificial Flowers

An artificial flower can fool someone at anytime. Besides, it has so elegant and gorgeous appearance that you just can’t move away your eyes once you see it. Thus an artificial flower, especially a personalized artificial flower has the complete potentiality to impress your partner’s mind. There are myriad of varieties and veneering options are available for these flowers. According to me, out of these, a golden rose or a complete red ‘topaz’ rose is most magnificent and highest potentiality as a gift item.

Personalised teddy bear box:

A cute name chiseled teddy bear box which accommodates a tiny sweet teddy along with three roses, would just be a splendid gift option. It has a normal price range of Rs. 149/-. Along with this there may be a surprise gift added to this.

Gifts for boyfriend:

If your girl has the full right to celebrate and enjoy the day, why would you be far behind? Hence, a lucrative list of gifts for boyfriend have been displayed by Printland. Most famous list are as follows…

  • A name key chain with a sweet line along with custom Valentine’s day greeting card.
  • A beer mug with a photo of big moustache.
  • A pair of wallet and a leather key chain.
  • A custom laptop bag along with a name printed ball pen.
  • A mobile cover with his photo printed etc.

Gifts for her:

While for your lady love you also can experiment a different yet unique gift combination. These can be…

  • A heart shape cushion with a photo of both and an artificial flower.
  • A photo coffee mug along with a pair of V-day special coaster.
  • A photo print heart shape key chain and a photo album.
  • A set of custom poster with the quotations of her favorite inspirations, like APJ Abdul Kalam, Abraham Lincon etc.
  • A diary and a name pen.
  • A customized branded pen (say, Parker) and a V-day special greeting card etc.

In this way there is other gift options as well. The list of combination is indeed overwhelming. Hence, in your spare time you are advised to go through the Printland’s site thoroughly and toast the spirit of the day with maximum spree.

Printable Laptop Skin – Design Your Own Laptop

Your laptop may look sleek and tech-savvy from afar but at some point in your ownership of that high-end gadget, you may want to make sure that it is easily distinguishable from others that look like it. Customizing your laptop with stickers and covers may help but to make sure that it looks snazzier, using a printable laptop skin with your own design can make it stand out from others.

Give your laptop some skin

Basically, a laptop skin is a protective cover that is laminated on your laptop’s outer surface. Aside from making your laptop look unique, it protects it from damage, scratches, and abrasions caused by transport conditions. It is usually made of elastic material that is thin and can stretch firmly over the surface of your laptop. A printable laptop skin allows you to experiment on various styles and designs.

Personalize your laptop

Printable laptop skins allow you to print your very own unique designs from your computer so you can personalize your laptop more and make it stand out. You can change the skins every month if you wish to since you can peel them off and stick a new one on the surface of your laptop easily.

If you are the type to replace your designs once in a while, your printable laptop skins should be easy to remove without leaving any damage or spots. That way, you can flawlessly replace it with another design without having to worry about residues underneath the new one.

Choose quality skins

A printable laptop skin is like a sticker paper where you can print your designs. However, make sure that even with customized designs, the skin can still protect your laptop from scratches and dust. To ensure that, choose printable laptop skins composed of high-grade vinyl. If you are using your laptop in colder climates, neoprene laptop skins should provide adequate insulation for it.

Personalized gifts ideas that impress you in a second

A human being is a perfect example of a social creature, who is bound to follow rules, norms, ethics and all. Thus the daily lives of a human turn into completely prosaic in the meantime of following all of these. Hence, a human always seeks for a rift of pleasure that can bring a smile to his/her face. No matter what the size and the price of the gift is, we always treat it with a jovial heart and a large grin.  And gradually it becomes the most appreciated material objects above all.

Personalized Gifts

But in terms of gift ideas, we get stuck very often regarding both varieties and uniqueness considering the occasion of course. From my personal opinion that any personalised gift would be perfectly suitable as a fresh gift item. Presently, there is a craze of personalized gifts everywhere, especially the vain of personal printed gifts on tops, shirt, mugs etc. Since the valentine’s day is approaching soon, you may think about personalised valentine gifts, which is indeed a very good idea.

So, in the following, I have listed popular personalised gift ideas irrespective of all occasions. Let’s have a quick read.

Personalised Printed Gifts:

Under this category, a large volume falls in. These are likely

  • Mugs:

Mugs, especially the coffee mugs are the most popular beverage containers and most appreciated gift items among all other. These are cheap, these are elegant! There are various types of mugs, namely Coffee mug, beer mug which can be personalised beautifully as there is ample space available on its surface. If it is occasion-specific, you can print the name or photo of the person on the mug. You can also print a funky quote.

  • Sippers:

Imagine, your sister’s birthday is coming in the next month. And you have no idea what to gift her this time. So, you can gift her a sipper with a quote ”best friend!..Nah!!..she is my sister!” Don’t you think that you can impress her perfectly? So, go for it as a gift option.

  • Photo frame:

Let’s say your parent’s 25th anniversary is coming. As a kid, you can gift them a personalised photo frame with their photo. Thus it is also a very good gift item. It can be given to parent, teacher or anyone you love.

  • Pen:

You have seen that your younger brother has a nascent inclination towards writing work. So, you can surprise him with a beautiful pen with his name written. He will be very happy indeed! Otherwise, you can gift a personalised pen to your favourite teacher, a parent in the upcoming teacher’s day.

  • Badges:

Are you the boss of a company? Or are you the HR of your office and stumbling with promotional responsibility of the office this year? But have a paucity of cash to embellish the cast? Never mind! Let me give you a better promotional idea at insignificant cash. Go for promotional badges that display the name and logo of the company. What’s else could be better! Nowadays, everything is made online. There are several online superstores easily available who do this type of printing. So, what else, choose a credible site and order a few badges for your company.

  • Leather Bag:

Say, your father will retire from his working life this year. While all his colleagues present him memorable gifts, you just do the reverse. Gift him a personalized leather bag with a touchy quote. Like, ”dear papa, remember your wish to visit the world with a backpack? Now, it’s time to roam after all these years. So, go and roam. And take this tiny bag for necessary handy storage!”. You can gift it to others as well.

Personalised Valentine gifts:

Love has no time fall in, it just happens. But the too, since ‘the day’ is coming soon let’s talk about a few mesmerizing gift ideas.

  • Cushion:

A fury and soft heart-shaped cushion, with the name of ‘her’ in the middle. Can you guess the aftershock? So,…

  • A trimmer and wristwatch:

Let’s say your man is beardy a bit and finicky of the wristwatch. So, in this valentine’s day gift him a trimmer with his name and a wristwatch. Then the joy overflows in his glittering eyes with great relish.

  • Perfume and a Handloom silk:

You know that your lady is crazed about perfume and saris, although she wears western most of the time for daily comfort. But when it comes to any traditional festive, she just can’t think about any other. So, in this V-day, you take the lead. Gift her a sari of her favourite colour with an outstanding perfume bottle.

  • Custom t-shirts:

If you both love sarcasm a bit, this will be the funniest gift ever. Two t-shirts with an imparted heart shape that shares equally on both tee, will be the craziest thing. You can custom this design on own.

  • Flowers, greeting card and chocolate:

Love accelerates by sharing and with a touch of sweet. And thus a packet of chocolate with a boke of fresh flowers and a personalized greeting card will just be divine.

There is others myriad of varieties as well. like, photo frame, key-chain, coffee mug and so on. Select those that bask your mind.

Presently, most of these gifts are provided by online stores. On this behalf, Printland.in, (an online supermarket) is one of those. It has recently launched a large sack of gift and determined to reach any gift to the hand of layperson at the cheapest cost. Yes, you’ve heard the right word! Most of the gifts that are displayed by the wall are indeed cheap! Not just that, the store focuses on making personalised gifts, just to indulge the customer’s dream and fantasy. You can explore the site in your free time and glean a better idea regarding gift and their options.

What's So Special About Personalized Gifts?

Gift giving often comes to the forefront of our thoughts when we consider a special event. Regardless of whether you are on the giving or receiving end, gifts gives you a good feeling. Seeking out special gifts for different occasions, you’ll find that a personalized gift says much more. The reason promotional items are so popular is that they have such a unique touch to them. If you just want to buy something and give it away, then ordinary gifts are plentiful. This will make more gifts for them, since they may have already gotten gifts that are similar. However when it comes to personalized gifts, you must think about them since they have to be customized. That’s what sets them apart from run of the mill gifts. A few people might have a hard time finding a source for such personalized gifts at the stores in their area. If you are unsuccessful at finding a gift locally, you can always use the Internet to find a huge selection of personalized gifts to purchase. A copious amount of online stores which present customized presents are available. Some claim to sell truly original and unusual personalized gifts. An array of all gifts that an online store can supply is shown in the gallery of the same. Look at the screen shoot and choose the best one that suits your taste. The Internet is a good place to find personalized gifts.

The silver plated photo frame with cross detail is our best selling item. It doesn’t look any different from a regular matte, silver coated photo frame. You have the ability to personalize it by inserting your unique message in the cross detail. For a wonderful wedding anniversary present that is personalized, nothing could be better.

One of the top selling individual gifts is personalized bottles of wine/glass. The full extent of its volume is approximately that of a topped-out wine bottle. The benefit of giving this gift is that it will be appreciated by any wine lover. There is a provision, where you can carve your unique personalized message. There is a limit to the number of characters that can be used in the message. For Birthday and Christmas presents, this personalized gift idea is the best. A great gift with a customized name or message, perfect for people of all ages, is easy to find today. Personalized gifts are appropriate for any occasion, whether celebrating a christening, encouraging someone to get well or thanking someone for their help.

This is a great example of a personalized present for a child. Children are sure to love personalized teddy bears, as well as a number of other perfect gifts for children. A knitted jumper is this teddy bear’s standard wardrobe. The message can be personalized for your child.

Whenever you present these personalized gifts, those you give them to will find there is much more to the gifts than meets the eye. They will surely feel the thought that has gone into selecting such a unique gift. A Personalized Gift is a great choice when you need a present for someone.

Executive Pen Drives As Corporate Gifts

The ergonomically designed Executive Pen Drive with a stylish body made from metal is perfect for the busy professional. It is best suited for professionals who’d like to carry important data and files with them wherever they go and at the same time download other important data they find anytime. These devices are best suited to be given as gifts to employees and executives during some promotional events or on special occasions. These are multi-purpose devices featuring a handy built-in pen drive offering various gig of memory, pen that actually writes and are provided with built-in laser pointer on the top of the pen for being used as pointer in meetings and presentations. The Executive Pen Drive is available in various memory sizes such as 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and more.

These handy devices are being used extensively throughout the world by techno-savvy employees and executives. It is best suited to be given as an executive gift and will certainly amaze any client. By providing this product as a gift to your clients and employees, be sure that you are giving them one of the most hottest, exclusive and hi-tech product available on the market.

This product can also be used as an advertisement tool for promoting a company’s product or services. It serves as a perfect gift for the mobile sales team or can be given to the employees in the form of incentive programs or can be given to the management team as corporate gifts on special occasions. These are some of the occasions on which we can gift an Executive Pen Drive; however you’ll find that there are several online stores that sell this product through their sites.


The Executive Pen Drive features a sleek and elegant metallic body, making it a perfect tool in the hands of any multi-tasking professional. The bottom half of this multi-purpose device features a high quality ink pen along with a laser pointer, while on the top half you’ll find a USB data storage drive with a cap. It is the latest and one of the most advanced devices that features everything a busy professional requires while executing his daily tasks. The most amazing feature about this product is it is simple to use but effective enough to store important files on the go.

Promotional Badges

Badges are a widely used item within the Promotional Gift Market – ideal for an event ranging form corporate promotion to fund-raising campaigns. They come in various guises dependent on the reason for their purchase.

The classic
“hard” enamel badge, also known as a pin badges or lapel stud, although relatively inexpensive, has a high-perceived value. Traditionally manufactured in Birmingham, almost all are now made in the Far East. Lead times can be as short as two weeks in these days when artwork is sent by email and the cost of air freight is not onerous on such a small and lightweight item.

Various other metals and finishes are available including gold, silver, nickel and chrome plate, bronze and “antiqued” silver and gold.

A range of less expensive of materials is used in their production these days. Hard enamel – ie traditional enamel – has a hard – wearing finish, being highly polished with epola. Choisonne enamels are also used. “Soft” enamel is a lower-priced option now widely used. The original die-stamping process does not differ from the original but the color-fill is ink-based. This type has an option of being protective epoxy-domed to allow for extended use. Less expensive still are base metal badges screen-printed and plastic domed. They offer the possibility of four-color process printing.

With the production of a specifically designed Stamping Die, bespoke shaped badges can be produced. These are commonly used for product launches and charity events.

At the lowest end of the price scale is the widely used Button Badge. Available in sizes from 25 to 100mm diameter, the printing method used is traditional litho. This allows the full versatility of the printing process to be used – from single color to four color process.

Part of this product group is the “Name” or “Identity Badge”. These are usually screen-printed with a corporate message and then personalized with an individual employee’s name. There a number of different styles – from the clear acetate badge which would have a typed name to metal badges where the name of the wearer would be engraved.

One of the most popular versions is the two-piece “window” badge where the badge is printed and the individual’s details are typed and inserted so that they effectively appear under the printing. Badges of this sort, in plastic or metal, allow for a turnover in staff as a simple piece of typing is all that is required for new employees.

Personalized Gifts For Any Occasion

The perfect way to show someone how you really feel about them is to give them personalized gifts. There are personalized gifts T shirts for any instance that would make anybody feel individual. Gifts can range from wedding favors to teacher gifts to barware. A personalized coffee mug for you child’s favorite teacher will always be welcome. Serving wine or drinks from personalized barware will make any occasion seem special. A special personalized gift for a new mother and baby will leave a lasting impression.

A gift that is personalized is always a special, memorable gift that will be cherished by the receiver for ever. How else can you show the love and consideration that is put into picking out a special gifts for a loved one. It shows that you are considerate and thoughtful towards that special person.

When I am picking a gift for someone I like to take into consideration what they like, how they live or entertain and what they do as a past time. If they have children, there is an amazing amount of gifts available that can be personalized especially for their child and it can be a gift that child will keep forever. I personally have two children that are teachers and they really enjoy getting any of the gifts that are personalized. My oldest daughter has a personalized coffee mug she got the first year she was teaching and it is still one of her favorite gifts she ever got from a student. If you have friends that just got a new house, there are numerous personalized gifts that would be appropriate for them. Anything from personalized barware to personalized picture frames would be something that I would enjoy getting so I think anyone would appreciate those. My youngest daughter is expecting our first grandchild in the spring so there are numerous gifts that can be personalized for a baby. There is the picture frames, height charts, etc. that any mother and child will appreciate. As far a wedding gifts and favors there are quite of few of those that are available. Signing frame are one of the most popular. These are put out at the wedding reception and the guest sign it and then a wedding picture is put in the center and it is a lasting reminder of the wedding day and all the guests. Also there are many wedding favors that are available, bud vases, picture frames, and votive candle holders. These are just a few of the personalized gifts that are available.

Personalized Gifts Are the Best Gifts

Choosing a perfect gift for a certain person is a difficult task to do. Yes, especially if you do not know his or her qualities and interests. You will definitely spend hours in stores trying to find the ideal gift for him or her. When people shop for a gift, one way to ensure that he or she will love the gift is to personalize it. There are many personalized gift ideas to choose from. Of course, that all depends on the occasion and your budget.

It is important to know the personality and the interests of the person before buying the gift because sometimes, people tend to buy a gift that is more in line with something that they might like for themselves. They do not focus on the recipient’s needs and wants. So, before buying anything do some research about the person.

What are the best personalized gift ideas?

1. Jewelry

This is a great idea when you give it to a woman. They love jewelry so much. To make the gift more meaningful, you personalized it. For example, if the recipient is interested in wildlife and nature, a necklace with some representations of the different rare species could be the best gift for him. If your friend loves to travel, then a bracelet that represents different places of the world can be an ideal gift.

Another way to personalize a piece of jewelry is by adding some special inscription to the selected item. Many gift stores will make your request possible, just give them enough time. You can also choose from personalized clothing to hand-made crafts like pillow cases, throw pillows, etc..

2. Items For Daily Use

These types of products include T-shirts, greeting cards, posters, mugs, sweatshirts, etc.. There are companies who offer coupons and gift cards. So, if you are looking for a less expensive personalized gift, there are lots of online stores that give you discounts. A customer can add some personal messages, then have them printed onto the product of their choice.

3. Gift Baskets

These are the best type of personalized gift because it can cater the needs and wants of the recipient. If the recipient is a girl, you can give her a basket full of chocolates and red roses. Just do some research on what she is interested in.

It is always tricky to choose the right gift for a person. However, by personalizing the gift, it will be an easy task as it can meet the needs and wants of the person. Do not stress yourself anymore thinking what gift you will give your friend. Yes, all thanks to personalized gifts! Good luck in choosing the best gift!

Desk Name Plate – Learn How Useful it Is

Want some new desk name plates? People think that these are just for office use, but the truth is that desk name plates are not just limited to adults, more specifically in the offices. Nowadays, you can do a lot with a desk name plate. Some people even get their kids the printable kid desk name plates for school or just a decoration for their room.

Desk name plates are a must at offices. It makes you look more credible, and you gain confidence knowing that your position is acknowledged in that little name plate outside your office, or by your office table. But there are many kinds of desk name plates today ranging from material, size, design, and color. If you’re interested to know about desk name plates, read on to know the basics.

Today there are already military desk name plates, which are especially for people who are serving the military. There are also the kids desk name plates. There are a lot of varieties today already, but one thing you should remember when you’re planning on having a desk name plate done is that you should take into consideration the number of characters you want put. If you have a long name, you may have to rethink if you want to have it put because your desk name plate might look too cluttered. Also, pick a color that will not be too bright or too dark, just enough so you can still read the name clearly. Also, if you are to invest in it, then pick a material that is durable like marble, wood, or granite. You can also use glass, but there’s the risk that it might break easily once it falls. The bottom line is that the last decision is still yours.

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